Fuel Distribution Software

Perito Fuel Distribution Software from Equiniti allows organisations in the fuel business to leverage their software to aid and assist their business processes and make crucial efficiencies.

A collection of modules built around Perito ERP’s Finance and Distribution core, the Perito Fuel package contains tools for credit management, powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Workflow, and predictive ordering.

Perito Fuel is made up of modules for:

  • Fuel Accounts
  • Credit Management
  • Mobile Distribution

Perito Fuel will allow you to predict when your customers are due to run out of fuel by cross referencing average temperatures and previous customer behaviour and automatically generate sales-related tasks based on the information provided.

The credit management tool allows fuel distributors to combat the challenges presented by the rising costs of fuel and enables the efficient collection of debts through time saving tools that provide for adequate maintenance of credit chasing cycles. The mobile distribution module is an Incab solution that feeds live information about deliveries and invoicing into the ERP system straight from handheld computers stored in the cab of delivery vehicles. It also assists distribution by optimising delivery routes.


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