Legacy System Modernisation

Do you have a legacy system that contains too much information to replace but that is holding you back through a lack of functionality? Equiniti’s team of expert developers and consultants can re-engineer your legacy software.

What are legacy systems?

A legacy system is software used by your business that is outdated, either because it no longer reflects your businesses processes or because it lacks the key functionality, such as internet dependency, associated with modern business solutions.

Many legacy solutions contain valuable information that needs to be retained while some may have outdated elements that need replacing Legacy systems may still be being used, or their use may be restricted while a business makes an internal decision on their future.

How can Equiniti help me overcome the problems of legacy systems?

Equiniti has an in-depth knowledge of high volume distribution systems having been at the forefront of delivering adaptable ERP and accounting solutions for large-scale distribution companies for over a decade. Operating one of the largest and most experienced Synergy development teams in the world, supporting over 150 sites, Equiniti is experienced in the development and implementation of business solutions.

Partnering with Equiniti to re-engineer your solution will ensure the delivery of a robust and customised platform that accurately reflects your processes and equips you to meet your future business challenges.

What are the benefits of updating legacy systems?

  • Elimination of need for in-house IT resource
  • Reduced cost compared to upgrading to new system
  • Elimination of hosting and maintenance costs
  • Increased storage
  • Retention of existing business logic and data structure


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