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Perito ERP Analyser

A module of Perito ERP, Analyser enables managers to make better, more timely decisions.

Our Business Intelligence solution, known as Perito ERP Analyser, is reporting software that provides business analytics to aid decision-making and reporting. 

Perito ERP delivers information such as reports, charts, and analytical applications, specifically tailored to individual needs. Business decisions will be based on data that is current, not weeks or months out of date.

Perito ERP Analyser provides a complete, integrated information delivery suite. The solution delivers ETL, security, analytics, and portal components, eliminating the need to manage multiple dispersed programs, while lowering costs and freeing resources.


Benefits of Business Intelligence software

  • Access to fast, tangible, accountable and reliable results
  • Helps managers to make timelier and better decisions.
  • Empowers staff with accurate and timely information
  • Makes your business easy to understand
  • Reduces administrative costs
  • Expands seamlessly as your needs evolve


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