Perito ERP

Perito Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business management solution that integrates internal and external information across an organisation.

Designed specifically for organisations based in the UK and Ireland, Perito ERP can help your organisation to manage its business processes with maximum efficiency.

Perito ERP enables you to create an accurate and complete view of your business through its range of integrated modules. As a single source of information and control, you can better manage the different elements of your organisation, helping to improve profitability while at the same time streamlining your operation

The Perito ERP system’s core takes care of a business’s Finance and Distribution needs and can be customised with the addition of fully integrated modules for:

Our ERP has been developed solely by Equiniti to be both fully integrated and fully bespoke ensuring that it can be tailored to meet business needs without any compromise on functionality.

What are the benefits of Equiniti’s Perito ERP?

  • Drives efficiencies and operational improvements
  • Delivers timely and accurate business information
  • Provides increased control over your business
  • Enables better informed business decisions

Finance and Distribution software

Equiniti’s Finance and Distribution software is ideal for logistics companies needing to integrate their planning and accounting functions in a single solution that tracks the movement of orders from first contact, through to delivery and payment.

Finance and Distribution is the core of Perito ERP.  It allows for the processing of orders, payment processing, vehicle maintenance administration, job and project costing, weighbridge processing and fuel bunkering.

As well as integrating fully with the rest of the Perito ERP suite, including specialist modules that tailor Finance and Distribution for fuel or food distribution businesses, our Finance and Distribution software can be integrated with third-party applications to allow for even more functionality.

Warehouse Management

Perito ERP Warehousing is a comprehensive warehousing, logistics and stock management system that provides straightforward functionality to cover goods received, put away, picking and replenishment.

Perito ERP maintains real-time maps of each warehouse, where products may be stored in multiple locations within each warehouse and can be set up to be picked from designated pick faces, or to be picked directly from their warehouse location or locations.

Supervisors will be able to adjust the quantity of any item held in any location. Adjustments will be created by the supervisor clicking on a location, selecting a product and entering an adjustment quantity.

What are the benefits of Warehousing software?

  • Saves time by optimising warehousing activity
  • Increases profitability through increased turnaround
  • Improves decision-making ability


Equiniti’s next-generation warehouse Voice-picking software is a logistics and stock management tool that replaces the traditional system of paper lists and barcode scanning with voice-activated picking.

As a module of Perito ERP, our warehousing software integrates with the enterprise resource planning function in order to send commands to warehouse pickers, ensuring the correct quantity of stock is picked at a speed that slashes order turnaround time and makes the most use of a picker’s time, whether they are performing picking, put away or stock management tasks. It then assigns new tasks without the waiting around that used to be commonplace in a warehousing environment.

What are the benefits of Voice-picking?

  • Remove paper and labels from the warehouse
  • Slash administrative costs
  • Optimise staff time with no need to go back and forward to the office for new assignments
  • Reduce training times for new staff

Mobile Distribution

Perito Mobile InCab solutions bridge the gap between the office and the driver, enabling up-to-the-minute stock management and improved customer service for logistics and distribution companies delivering perishable or time-sensitive items.

Equiniti’s Mobile Distribution software is an integrated module of Perito ERP and feeds live information about deliveries and invoicing into the ERP system straight from handheld computers stored in the cab of delivery vehicles. It also assists distribution by optimising delivery routes.

 What are the benefits of Mobile Distribution software?

  • Cuts down on the time spent by drivers filling in paperwork and makes sure that more of their time is spent on the road, getting deliveries to customers
  • Reduces administration costs
  • Optimises efficiency of mobile workers
  • Eliminates need for re-keying
  • Reduces fuel costs and emissions

Mobile Stocktaking

Our Mobile Stocktaking solution is an inventory and stock management tool that can transform the way logistics businesses perform their stocktaking function. Mobile Stocktaking has been designed to reduce time spent on stocktaking and the administrative burden associated with it, allowing concentration on other core activities.

The solution centres around a rugged, durable and easy-to-use handheld device used to read barcodes. The information gathered is uploaded into Perito ERP helping to form an overall view of your stock management function. 

What are the benefits of Mobile Stocktaking?

  • Slashes the time spent taking stock
  • Eliminates errors and increases accuracy of the stock take
  • Reduces administration and use of paper-based system
  • Integrates with Perito ERP for a joined-up view

Don’t use barcodes? Stocktaking can also be performed using our Voice-picking solution.

Production Control

Equiniti’s highly customised, flexible, Manufacturing software is an ERP module that automates manufacturing, ordering and reporting processes. Our manufacturing solution customises Perito ERP’s Finance and Distribution core for manufacturing businesses to monitor and process supply, stock and manpower in order to give estimates and meet orders more effectively and at reduced cost. It provides full production and scheduling tasks which allow the end user to create, adjust monitor and highlight any issues that could affect production.

What are the benefits of Manufacturing software?

  • Streamline your operations
  • Monitor part and supply inventories effectively
  • Manage workflow from order to shipment
  • Avoid costing errors with real time valuations of completed operations

Manufacturing Resource Planning

Equiniti’s Manufacturing Resource Planning software gives manufacturers advanced resource management control to aid capacity and production planning and greater insight into their manufacturing processes.

Ideal for large manufacturers, our MRP system hides huge functionality behind an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to accurately gauge what parts are needed to fulfil orders, how many are currently in stock and how long extra parts will take to be delivered.

MRP also shows multiple production lines, what quality control measures are required and information about the length of time taken to clean lines and box and label orders, allowing for real-time estimates on order availability.

What are the benefits of Manufacturing Resource Planning?     

  • Maintains positive customer relationships through enhanced communication
  • Reduces the risk of not fulfilling orders on time
  • Helps exert better control over inventories and stock
  • Helps turn orders around faster
  • Improves quality control


Perito ERP’s Ecommerce software automates the ordering process by providing secure, online, shopping carts of benefit to both the customer and the distributor. Fully integrated with Perito ERP, it has been designed for ease of use and is fully customisable.

What is ecommerce?

Our ecommerce software is a module of Perito ERP and enables orders to be placed online through your website and fed directly into the ERP system for processing, picking and distribution. With online shopping now the norm in the UK, customers expect easy-to-access and secure online ordering that enables quick turnaround of their requirements

What are the Benefits of Ecommerce software?

  • Saves staff time taking orders on the phone
  • Provides enhanced security to the ordering process, for users at both ends
  • Orders fed directly into ERP, enabling fast turnaround of customer orders
  • Provides customers with up-front visible information on pricing

Credit Management

Equiniti’s Credit Management solution assists with cash flow management, customer relationship management, stock management and accounting by allowing the end user to keep accurate records and collect outstanding debts.

Our credit management software is a fully integrated module of Perito ERP and draws on the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for clients with larger, more complex, requirements. It also integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV so that the data contained within the credit management solution can be used across the business.

Credit Management allows for the maintenance of credit chasing cycles and enables credit control teams to be assigned to each overdue account to allow for continuity in the credit chasing cycle. Overdue accounts are immediately flagged up, while reminder letters and debt chasing letters can be automatically generated and mail-merged at pre-defined signposts, automating a great deal of the recovery process.

Integration with Perito ERP Analyser ensures that overdue accounts can be used as a valuable source of business intelligence.

What are the benefits of credit management software?

  • Instant access to customer information
  • Ability to record and progress complaints and queries
  • Workflow engine to control and escalate activities
  • Facility to monitor promised payments
  • Capability to design business processes to check, approve and action credits
  • Recording of detailed history - essential in the case of court action 


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